Specialty Gases and Equipment
(available to ALL Life Science Washington Members)

Praxair, Inc.

As the largest industrial gases company in North and South America, Praxair supports the biopharma lifecycle from discovery through scale-up to production with applications such as fermentation, cell and tissue culture, cryopreservation, lyophilization, oxidation, reactor cooling, wastewater treatment, VOC recovery, laboratory instrumentation and more.

Praxair operates a large research and development center focused on technologies that improve efficiency, quality and reproducibility for a wide range of biopharma applications.

Locally, Praxair operates a 44,000 square foot packaged gas production facility in Tacoma which opened in 2006 and a bulk atmospheric gases production plant in Fife, Washington which expanded production in 2007, adding 310 tons per day of liquid production capacity.

Member Benefits:

  • Free lab survey to identify opportunities to consolidate supply modes, evaluate current gas distribution systems and offer expertise for optimizing gas supply to your labs.
  • Consulting services for design and engineering of gas supply systems for new construction.
  • Value-added products and services (partial listing):
       – Cryobiological Equipment: IATA Vapor Shippers, Freezers, Racking Systems, Control Rate Freezers
       – Cryogenic Liquids and Vacuum-Jacketed Pipe Delivery Systems
       – Dry Ice
       – FDA or EP / JP-Compliant Cylinder and Microbulk Gases and Cryogenic Liquids
       – Gas and Liquid Cylinder Gas Distribution Manifolds
       – Gas Monitoring and Detection Systems
       – General Purpose and Ultra-High Purity Regulators
       – Instrumentation and Specialty Gases
       – Cryogens and Services for MRI/NMR Equipment
       – Personal Safety Equipment
  • Preferred pricing for Life Science Washington members

Take advantage of Praxair’s free lab survey.  For a consulting services request, contact Praxair at 1-877-PRAXAIR (1-877-772-9247) or email  For additional information about Praxair’s products and services visit, or for immediate service contact Dan Mackenstadt,, at 206-632-7138.