Global Online Auction – State of the Art BioPharma Lab Equipment From Silverback Therapeutics

Auctions are fully staffed to assist buyers with asset removal, including all necessary paperwork, documents, and shipping arrangements.  We stay on-site to ensure your purchases are secure and your assets are properly removed.  Our seasoned staff has conducted countless plant closures and is familiar with all of the nuances involved in a smooth transition from seller to buyer.


  • Waters Xevo G2-XS Mass Spec
  • ForteBio Octet Red96
  • Unchained Labs Big Tuna
  • Incucyte Cell Imaging System
  • ExPERt STx Flow Electroporation Platform
  • Labchip GX II Touch
  • FACS Celesta
  • Ago;emt G6120 LCMS
  • GE AKTA Pure 25
  • Guava EasyCyte 8hT
  • Beckman PA800S Pharmaceutical Analysis System
  • Agilent 1260 HPLC Systems
  • Perkin Elmer Envision Multilabel Reader
  • Magritek Benchtop NMR
  • Beckman Vi-Cell Blu
  • Infors Multitron Pro