Intent to Prevent Speaker Series: A Bridge to Patients: Using Mobile Technologies to Improve Studies of Human Health

10:00 am - 11:00 am PDT

Join Novo Nordisk as they welcome Dr. Mike Kellen from Sage Bionetworks – a not-for-profit biomedical research institute based in Seattle, Washington, that is dedicated to pioneering new ways to gather, store and use health data. 

Dr. Kellen leads Sage Bionetwork’s technology platform team, which develops technologies to measure physiological aspects and other traits of people living with certain diseases. The Sage Digital Health Platform, developed by Dr. Kellen and his colleagues, is unique in that it allows researchers to define the digital assessments to run and the schedule by which they will be administered in a study. Further, the Platform empowers study participants to be active partners in research through self-administered assessments.

Importantly, Sage is partnering with several groups to develop and validate a library of digital assessments, including work in cognition, mobility, cardiovascular health, and dermatology. This approach has potential to transform biomedical research by allowing high-frequency collection of data in real-world environments and through supporting more highly distributed studies. Dr. Kellen’s talk will preview capabilities of the Sage Digital Health Platform, as well as showcase examples of studies of its deployment in research.