More than a Gut Check: Behind-the-Scenes with Startup Leaders Breaking New Ground in the Microbiome Industry

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm PDT

Microbiome is a big biotech buzz word these days and the industry is poised for explosive growth amidst increasing interest in and understanding of the relationships between the human microbiome, disease and immunity. Private capital and government funding are aligning, with a surge in investment helping to fuel rapid acceleration in both research and commercialization. 

Join us for a special “Inside the Microbiome Industry” edition of Genome Startup Day on October 27. Leading genomics researcher Chris Mason, PhD, professor at Weill Cornell Medicine, will sit down with Ivan Liachko, PhD, founder of Genome Startup Day and CEO of Phase Genomics, for a one-on-one conversation about Dr. Mason’s career as an academic, co-founder, startup board member and long-time champion for genomics commercialization. 

Then, we’ll be joined by microbiome startup founders Colleen Cutcliffe, PhD (Pendulum Therapeutics), Nick Greenfield (Invitae) and Momchilo “Momo” Vuyisich, PhD (Viome) for a candid and insightful exploration of the lifecycle of launching and growing a genomics startup including the ins and outs of building a company today in the human microbiome space.  

This event is open to anyone looking to understand more or get involved in the fascinating, rapidly growing commercial microbiome industry. Thank you to our sponsors for making it possible for us to offer this event at no cost to the community. 

Through virtual and in-person events, Genome Start Day connects students, scientists, startup founders, investors and advocates who share a commitment to supporting the next-generation of leading genomics entrepreneurs. The Genome Startup Day initiative is organized by Phase Genomics in Seattle, in collaboration with genomics startups, investors and advocates throughout the United States. Learn more at