Francisco R. Velázquez, MD, SM

Physician Executive

Physician Executive with extensive professional experience in healthcare systems and hospitals, academic institutions and for-profit and publicly traded life sciences companies.

My goal is to pursue a position that will allow me to fully utilize the knowledge and experience gained throughout the various stages of my career, in order to lead an organization to the position of being the “gold standard” for its sector as a premier provider of quality services. My focus from an outcomes perspective is one of operational excellence thus my expectation is to be part of an organization with goals consistent with this aspiration. I am a team builder who focuses on individuals’ careers and professional development for those with whom I have the privilege to work every day, building a sense of team and a strong culture.

  • Proven effectiveness in developing and implementing strategy and business development plans that leverage the organization’s core competencies while developing complimentary areas that enhance performance and increase market share.
  • Experience in creating affiliations, collaborations, shared services agreements, joint ventures, acquisitions and mergers in a way that promotes integration and enhances the complimentary skills of all parties.
  • Demonstrated success in fundraising, advocacy at local, state and federal levels, and building strong relationships with key community and industry stakeholders.
  • Ethical and adept communicator, who supports fair and equal treatment, listens actively, assimilates and analyzes intelligently, and acts decisively.
  • Natural collaborator who coaches and conveys confidence in the employee’s abilities to be innovative and successful, and naturally leads, facilitates, or convenes as necessary.