Jary J. Krauser

CEO, StratusG Consulting

Jary is the President and CEO of StratusG Consulting, a business and technology consulting firm with over two decades of experience with clients in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries.

Jary has worked extensively throughout all phases of the product development pipeline, from concept through research, development, commercialization, and beyond. He has had the distinct privilege of working directly with many key industry players near his home in Seattle, nationally, and internationally, including Japan, India and China.

StratusG began its journey with life-science companies, implementing information technology (IT) systems and applications as well as the underlying business critical compliant processes (e.g., Document Management, Laboratory Information Management (LIMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Intelligence (BI), etc.).

StratusG’ software and application unit has created BioTechForce, an out of the box solution to meet a biotech companies commercial needs. Including, Medical Science Liaison (KOL development), GPO management, Sales and Marketing, Payer provides tracking, and many other applications.

Jary also served as the President of the Organization of Regulatory and Clinical Associates (ORCA) for several years. Jary is also a member of the Metlakatla Indian Community Governors Board, Washington National Parks Find, Life Science Washington, WINGS, Win Mentoring, and other Northwest Organizations.

With this depth of experience and knowledge of IT systems, FDA regulations, and from working with many skilled executive teams, more of our clients began asking for guidance with their IT strategic planning, commercial strategies, and long-range corporate planning. For Jary, this meant a rapid transition to fill the role of interim CIO for many of his clients.

Jary and StratusG have had the pleasure of sharing their expertise and insight with senior management and line personnel at many life-science companies including Pfizer, Dendreon, Juno, KITE, Seattle Genetics, AGC biologics, ZymoGenetics, Cell Therapeutics, Roche, Abbott, Immunex, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Corcept Therapeutics, Nastech Pharmaceutical Company, MDRNA, Bloodworks NW, and many others.