US Pharma Hubs: The Rising Stars to Watch


A new report from CPhI North America recently named Washington state as one of this year’s top hubs driving U.S. pharma and biopharma innovation.

Washington possesses unparalleled knowledge-sharing opportunities, with almost 40,000 researchers and support staff at more than 1,150 biotech firms, non-profits, digital health companies, and pharmaceutical firms.

The state currently holds 9.9M square feet of lab space, with 990,185 under construction and an additional 5.2M square feet of lab, research, and office space proposed for new development.

“In many respects, it’s an entrepreneurial space ripe for innovation and invention,” says the Washington State Department of Commerce. “There is a growing convergence between the life science and global health sectors and artificial intelligence, cloud computing, machine learning, and other technologies, which are Washington’s strengths. New devices, treatments, and therapies are rapidly prototyped and introduced in the marketplace.”