Shape Therapeutics Included in Fierce Biotech’s 2022 Fierce 15


Shape Therapeutics, a Seattle-based biotech company, has been included in Fierce Biotech’s 2022 Fierce 15. This year’s list features a diverse range of companies with deep scientific roots and the latest technology.

Shape focuses on RNA editing and developing the next generation of gene therapy technologies to treat Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other rare diseases. The company can develop treatments that fix faulty proteins without making permanent adjustments to DNA through its RNA approach.

“When you’re building technology where nine out of 10 people are telling you, ‘You’re crazy, it’s not going to work,’ getting validation from the No. 1 pharma in the world was key,” said Shape CEO Francois Vigneault, in relation to their partnership with Swiss pharma giant Roche.’