Truveta Launches Health Data Tool, with 72M Records ‘At Your Fingertips’


Truveta, a startup co-founded by former Microsoft executive Terry Myerson and backed by four national health systems to build the world’s largest health care data set, launched a data analytics platform dubbed Truveta Studio.

The company recently debuted a data analytics platform allowing researchers access to extensive patient data from 25 health systems. Since the startup’s inception in 2020, it has grown to over 200 employees, garnered nearly $200M in funding and a 35,000-square-foot headquarters in Bellevue.

“There are so many solutions out there to study the cost of care, to study access to care, solutions to study which physical site has the latest MRI machines or which one doesn’t so you can sell them one … but there’s no solution to study patient outcomes, because it’s really hard,” said Terry Myerson, Truveta co-founder. “We now have at your fingertips, 72 million de-identified medical records, and it’s growing daily.”