Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry Leaders Optimistic Despite Historic Upheavals and Great Uncertainty


In KPMG’s 2023 Healthcare and Life Sciences Investment Outlook, eight industries and subsectors were analyzed by macroeconomic and geopolitical upheaval and how deal activity and market drivers plan to shape this year’s investment landscape.

Sixty percent of respondents believe that despite challenges and changes in recent years, there will be more deals in 2023 than there were in 2022. Among the healthcare subsectors, biopharma is focused on the early stages of developing cell and gene medicines. The industry is also in high demand for securing regulatory approvals and commercializing new therapies as large companies outsource during the drug development process.

“The Pacific Northwest has a vibrant healthcare community, and we are proud to serve many of the converging industries contributing to continued growth and innovation,” says Amy Banovich, KPMG managing partner in Seattle. “It will be interesting to see the continued development of digital health solutions, as customers and entrepreneurs help shape the future of healthcare.”