The Unexpected Career Opportunities in Life Sciences – Osmosis Raise The Line Podcast Interview


In a dynamic interview with Osmosis Raise the Line podcast, Marc Cummings, President & CEO of Life Science Washington, and Dr. Tina Albertson, chief medical officer at Lyell Immunopharma, discuss the opportunities in Seattle’s life science industry. 

The pair discuss Seattle’s strong life science industry and career opportunities. They expand on the long-standing roots of companies and universities such as Fred Hutch institutions and the University of Washington and provide advice for early career professionals.

“There’s a real diversity of jobs that are available to folks. People don’t always think about the diversity of jobs that are available when they think about going into healthcare,” Cummings said. “We’re doing a lot of that work with some of our colleges in the state here, trying to add a survey course so they get exposure to those different fields and then go do a summer internship or just get some lab experience.”