How this Ukrainian-born CEO Created a Biotech Startup ‘Where Curious Scientists Thrive’


Seattle-based biotech Phase Genomics founder Ivan Liachko didn’t plan on founding a company. After discovering techniques revealing how DNA is organized inside a cell and a call from berry seller Driscoll, he began his journey in the biotech community. 

Phase Genomics has supported hundreds of unique sequencing projects, including platypus, psychedelic mushrooms, fireflies, goats, hummingbirds, vanilla, quinoa, beer yeast, elephants, ticks, pigs, shrimp, and more.

Liachko also focuses on helping Phase Genomics give back to his Ukrainian community. After the war against Ukraine started, he encouraged biotech companies to get involved and match employee donations to organizations in Ukraine.

Since the company’s founding in 2015, Liachko has taken a creative and passionate approach, reflecting upon his employees. He believes in hiring people who are inherently passionate about science and that every employee is a “specialist in something.”

“People just really love working here. I think that’s because we’ve focused on the right things, and that is high quality people doing high quality work in a supportive environment,” Liachko said.