Cadence Neuroscience Raises $26M to Develop Neural Implants


Redmond-based startup Cadence Neuroscience raised $26 million in a Series B funding round that will be used toward finishing clinical studies and working on receiving clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Cadence Neuroscience develops neural implants to treat epilepsy and other neurological diseases. They are currently focused on neuromodulation, which is a way to reset abnormal neural functions through implants that positively impact nerves.

“The Cadence team has extensive domain expertise in developing active neural implants and conducting human clinical studies in the field,” said Kent Leyde, Cadence’s co-founder and CEO. “During the last three years, we have been closely collaborating with Mayo Clinic in the design, manufacture, and engineering tests of our therapy system. These efforts are nearing completion and will enable us to begin clinical testing.”