Outpace Bio Expands Cell Therapy R&D, Nets Research Collaborations in Seattle


Seattle-based biotech Outpace Bio opened a new 23,000-square-foot facility as the company has new research and development efforts underway and has grown to 53 employees.

The new Seattle facility allows pulls the company to be under one roof. The building is largely dedicated to research and development

In addition to the new space, Outpace announced a new research collaboration with two local researchers, David Baker, director of the University of Washington Medicine Institute for Protein Design, and Stan Riddell, endowed chair in immunotherapy at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center.

“We needed the space to be able to fit all of our awesome team members and all of our equipment. And this space is kind of like the perfect fit for us right now [in] that it gives us plenty of space to operate right now and a little bit of space for growth in the future,” said Marc Lajoie, Outpace Bio co-founder and CEO.