A Home to Amazon, Starbucks, and Biotech Too


Biotech news organization Big4Bio invited journalist Luke Timmerman on its podcast to discuss Seattle’s growing biotech industry. Big4Bio amasses news on the four main biotech hubs in America – San Diego, Boston, Philadelphia and the San Francisco Bay Area. This interview follows Big4Bio’s decision to create a new edition for the city of Seattle.

In the segment, Timmerman discusses the major companies in Seattle’s biotech industry, including Bristol Myers Squibb and Seagen. He considers Seattle to be one of the early adopters of biotech, citing companies such as Immunex, which gave the city an introduction to the industry in the early 1980s.

Seattle holds the fourth highest spot in venture capitalism for funding biotech. Organizations such as University of Washington and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center have been instrumental in securing grants to fund research that help the biotech industry to soar.