EchoNous, Maker of an AI-Powered Portable Ultrasound System, Raises $7M


EchoNous, a startup that markets a compact, AI-powered ultrasound device, raised $7 million. The funding was noted in a SEC filing and confirmed by a company spokesperson.

Echonous’ flagship device is an AI-guided point-of-care ultrasound system, called Kosmos, that can image the heart and other regions of the body. The Redmond, Wash.-based company says the device provides diagnostic-quality images that rival those from bulkier, less portable, and more expensive devices.

Kosmos’ deep learning algorithms help operators collect images, label them, and automatically calculate key measurements like the heart’s ejection fraction. Kosmos was rated highly for overall image quality in a recent independent study evaluating five different hand-held ultrasound devices.