First Lady Jill Biden Visits Seattle, Stops at Fred Hutch to Boost Cancer Moonshot Program


First Lady Jill Biden visited Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center on Friday in Seattle, where she met with researchers and spoke about cancer prevention and the need to mitigate side effects and reduce recurrence.

She also touched on what it’s like for families and individuals to navigate the complexities of cancer and the healthcare system.

“It just feels like you’re walking underwater,” said Biden during a listening session with Fred Hutch researchers and a breast cancer patient. President Biden’s son Beau Biden died from brain cancer in 2015.

Jill Biden’s visit came after her Sept. 13 announcement with President Biden of new programs linked to the Cancer Moonshot, launched a year after Beau’s death. The White House initiative aims to improve cancer treatment and halve deaths from the disease within the next 25 years.