BioLife Solutions Raises $10.4M Through Private Placement


Bothell-based cold storage company BioLife Solutions Inc. has raised $10.4M through a private placement to New York City-based investment firm Casdin Capital. BioLife was founded in 1987 and offers tools for the cell and gene therapy markets, as well as the larger biopharmaceutical market in general.

According to the company, BioLife has more than 600 clinical applications. BioLife went public through an $86 million initial public offering in 2020.

In 2021, BioLife acquired Athens, Ohio-based cold storage company Global Cooling Inc., which did business as Stirling Ultracold, for about $250 million. BioLife added 150 employees through the acquisition. The company has more than 210 employees listed on LinkedIn now. In 2020, BioLife acquired New Jersey-based SciSafe for $30 million, which expanded BioLife into the biostorage market.