Phase Genomics Advances Breakthrough Cytogenomics with the Element AVITI System for Acute Myeloid Leukemia 


Seattle-based biotech company Phase Genomics released new data from its OncoTerra platform and ATIVI sequencing system, which aim to provide innovative, rapid risk assessment for acute myeloid leukemia (AML). 

A recent study showed that Phase Genomics’ platform, which combines the abilities of OncoTerra and ATIVI, found variations in 32 AML patients that were not identified by traditional AML testing methods. Phase Genomics’ approach focuses on improving efficiency and quality of AML testing by requiring only one assay, while traditional testing involves a cascade approach that can limit results and take considerably more time.  

The company’s ATIVI system also saw success in the study, showing higher rates of efficiency and coverage than competing platforms. 

Ivan Kiachko, Phase Genomics’ founder and CEO, said, “Our results speak to the real potential of OncoTerra on the AVITI sequencer. The next-generation cytogenomics all-in-one approach is primed to replace fragmented legacy tests with a single, rapid assay.”