From Biotech to 3D Printing, Here Are 7 Startups That Recently Spun Out of the University of Washington


Biotech companies including Axxis Bio, Histone Therapeutics, Kinea Bio (an LSW Institute WIN company), Myosana, and TopoGene are amongst the seven highlighted recent spinouts of UW since July of 2023.

CoMotion helps UW researchers launch startups and secure patents for their discoveries. The UW’s first tech transfer office originally started in 1983 and was later known as the Center for Commercialization (C4C).

The UW has spun out 52 startups in the past five years, and granted more than 2,000 licenses.

There are currently more than 110 active UW spinouts that employ more than 1,000 people collectively. Those companies have raised more than $4.1 billion over the past five years.