AI2 Incubator Secures $200M in AI Compute Resources for Portfolio Companies


Companies building artificial intelligence models into their software products need a lot of computation power, also known as “compute.” But this can be a costly expense.

That’s why the AI2 Incubator in Seattle decided to find a way to provide its portfolio companies with free AI compute. The organization announced Thursday that it has secured $200 million in computing power from unnamed cloud providers and data centers.

“This is, to our knowledge, the single biggest compute allocation available to startups right now,” said Jacob Colker, managing director at the AI2 Incubator.

In 2022 the AI2 Incubator spun off from its original home, the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, into a separate entity. The firm runs an incubator and a venture fund that raised $30 million in fresh capital last year.