Fred Hutch Receives $5.25M from the Kuni Foundation to Propel Innovative Adult Oncology Research


Principal investigators working at Fred Hutch Cancer Center and UW Medicine secured $5.25 million in grants from the Kuni Foundation for a diverse lineup of projects to advance our understanding of tumor regression and improve care for an array of adult cancers, including by reducing the cost of therapy.

The projects will explore why some cancerous tumors shrink or disappear without treatment; test whether the immunotherapy nivolumab works when given less often and at lower doses; investigate what drives disparities in breast cancer screenings; evaluate a method to detect and treat liver tumors earlier by selectively delivering radiation to tumor cells; and lay the groundwork for personalized hyperthermic peritoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) for cancer on the lining of the abdomen. Each awardee will receive $1,050,000 over three years.