BisNow Seattle Life Sciences Conference

8:00 am - 1:00 pm PDT

Capitalizing on Strong Fundamentals, Top Talent, Innovation and Prime Real Estate for Sustainable Growth

What You’ll Learn From This Commercial Real Estate Summit:

  • Discover the factors behind the Seattle area’s remarkable third-ranking nationwide for life sciences employment growth, witnessing a 25% increase in recent years. Delve into the prospects of Seattle’s promising life science cluster.
  • Explore how Seattle’s biotech ecosystem cultivates a culture of innovation and the unique factors contributing to its success.
  • Understand the current development, investment, and leasing activity in South Lake Union, a hub for life science development and innovation, as well as other growing clusters like Capitol Hill in Seattle.
  • Uncover the keys to a successful life sciences development tailored to accommodate various companies and their diverse lab space needs.
    • Examine the design elements that command the highest demand, steering leasing activity in the life sciences sector.
  • Explore the influence of regulatory changes on sustainability, development, design, and construction in Seattle.

Despite the slowdown in deals, funding, and developments compared to previous years due to the macroeconomic environment, Seattle’s life science market consistently secures its¬†top 10¬†position nationally for VC and NIH funding, along with patents issued. This underscores its role as an innovation hub, backed by some of the world’s largest philanthropic organizations. Join us for an engaging event featuring insightful panel discussions led by industry trailblazers. They will delve into exciting developments, investments, leasing activities, upcoming biotech start-ups, and VC funding in the region.