Intellectual Property Symposium

9:00 am - 2:00 pm PDT

Are you an inventor or researcher in the life sciences or medical device space looking to learn more about intellectual property issues? We invite you to participate in Intellectual Property Symposium on May 17. This half-day conference offers an in-depth examination of IP strategy, focusing on its consequences for new businesses, developing industries, and established corporations.

We will explore the many facets of patentability throughout this symposium, illuminating the particular elements of your innovation that might or might not qualify for patent protection. Understanding the “Subject Matter Eligibility Test” assumes utmost importance given the rising incidence of AI and DNA sequencing in contemporary technologies. Recognizing and considering the ethical issues related to patenting is equally essential.

You will understand the essential ideas supporting the creation of a strong patent portfolio by attending this symposium. Engaging with our knowledgeable presenters and exploring these important subjects will give you the information and understanding you need to negotiate the intricate world of intellectual property successfully.

Register here to attend the symposium virtually: