From the Laboratory to Leadership – 2024 Fall Program – 25th Anniversary Edition

8:30 am - 3:30 pm PDT

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Program dates:
9/17, 10/1, 10/15, and 10/29 on Zoom

8:30 am to 3:30 pm PT

Jim Vasconcellos 

$3,195 for Association Members, $3,695 for non-members

It’s an incredibly exciting time for the life science industry. Today, more than ever, our clients have drug candidates entering late stages of development. We are celebrating the approvals of their innovative drugs and supporting them as they begin to commercialize these products in the market. The life science industry remains complex as access to capital continues to be challenging, global partnering relationships are established, and companies finalize their back-to-work policies. This fast-paced and ever-changing environment has provided us with an outstanding opportunity to redevelop our From the Laboratory to Leadership program, building off of 34 years of success with over 7,500 graduates from over 1000 life science companies. This fully redesigned program continues to turn science-minded, first-time managers, as well as managers seeking to expand their management skills, into capable business leaders. We accomplish this by leveraging our extensive industry-specific knowledge and experience to utilize the most progressive and engaging professional development methods available.

From the Laboratory to Leadership begins by helping participants assess who they are as leaders – their strengths, styles, and personal brand. From there, we develop skills in the areas of communication, priority management, meeting management, goal setting and planning, delegation, performance management, and leading teams in a dynamic workplace. We wrap up the program in a fashion that brings all the learning together in a fun and impactful way. To drive high levels of engagement and impact, this program integrates learning pods, encourages participants to use their companies as learning labs, and helps clients set goals that deliver measurable results.

This program is limited to 20 participants and often sells out.  Register here!

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