BioBasics 201: Targeted Biologics for the Non-Scientist

9:00 am - 3:30 pm PDT

BioBasics 201: Targeted Biologics for the Non-Scientist is an intensive, two-day course focused on vaccines, cell therapies, gene therapies, therapeutic antibodies, and RNA-based drugs. Biopharma’s inspiration for the development of targeted biologics is our own human immune system, so we begin with an in-depth explanation of immunology. The course then focuses on the science, challenges, and medical promise of next generation targeted biologics. BioBasics 201 is designed for the non-scientist who has taken BioBasics 101 or for those who understand the basics of DNA, RNA, proteins, and cell signaling. Taught by industry experts who explain how these complex drugs work in a simple, engaging manner.

Who should attend:
Anyone who works on the “business-side” who needs to better understand and communicate with the “science-side” including those in finance, law, marketing, communications, business development, project management, IT, supply chain, human resources, administrative support, quality assurance, regulatory affairs, policy, government relations, and manufacturing.

Suggested Prerequisite: BioBasics 101

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Life Science Washington members: $845 ($150 savings)
Non-members: $970 ($25 savings)