WA Cares Fund Partner Roundtable – Business

2:00 pm PDT

Join the WA Cares Fund team for our quarterly partner roundtable meeting for business professionals and organizations. This is an interactive opportunity for to hear the latest WA Cares Fund updates, learn about resources, get answers to questions and provide feedback. Come prepared to participate in discussion and give input!

NOTES: • This roundtable meeting will only include a brief refresher on how the program works. If you are looking for an in-depth webinar on program basics, visit https://wacaresfund.wa.gov/webinars. • To create a space where everyone feels comfortable participating freely in the discussion, we do not record these roundtable meetings. However, presentations slides will be sent to all registrants after the roundtable and this group will meet again in January 2024.

2:00-2:05: Opening • Review agenda • Panel introductions Opening poll: Have you attended a roundtable before? How familiar are you with WA Cares?
2:05-2:20: Program refresher • Brief review of how the program works For discussion: Do you have questions about any program details?
2:20-2:40: Employer reporting and resources • Overview of employer reporting from ESD • Resources for employers Note: There will be an opportunity for Q&A with the ESD representatives on employer reporting. However, because the roundtable is scheduled close to the reporting deadline, we strongly encourage you to contact ESD in advance of the roundtable if you have questions that are delaying your ability to report: https://wacaresfund.wa.gov/help-support#contact-us
2:40-2:50: Communications & outreach • Toolkit materials review – new and coming soon • Recent and upcoming webinars for workers For discussion: What other resources would be helpful for you?
2:50-3:00: Final discussion & wrap-up • Post-roundtable survey • Next meeting For discussion: Do you have any final questions or feedback to share (including feedback on the roundtable)?