Meg O’Conor Bannecker is a partner at Bannecker Public Affairs. She has twenty years of experience in public affairs, corporate communications, and early-stage fundraising. She began her career as a broadcast news reporter and anchor. 

Being a journalist at heart, Meg is an accomplished storyteller skilled in managing external facing issues and initiatives. Many of her clients are in regulated industries, including life sciences and healthcare.  

Since 2018, Meg has served as an advisor to Life Science Washington, the statewide trade association. Working alongside prior and current CEOs, Meg has led the organization’s workforce development initiative focused on addressing the talent shortage faced by the industry. A core aspect of this work has been focused on developing on-ramps for students with emphasis on reaching populations underrepresented in the industry historically.      

Earlier, Meg held several high-profile roles with Kineta, Inc., a biotechnology company in Seattle. Meg was a core member of the fundraising team credited with closing many of the young company’s largest and most influential investors. She also served as a communication and public affairs director, garnering the early-stage biotech national media attention. Her work included targeted government affairs campaigns to educate members of Congress on the lack of funding sources for early-stage novel drug development and the importance of prioritizing funding for infectious diseases. 

Previously, Meg worked as a broadcast news reporter and anchor in the Seattle. Meg holds a bachelor’s degree from Smith College.