Molly graduated from Western Washington University with a BA in Business Management. She has 20 years of industry experience focused on Supply Chain in an FDA regulated manufacturing environment. Eleven years of Molly’s experience comes from a Contract Manufacturing Organization where she progressed from a Planner I to Senior Manager of Supply Chain. In her latest role she is responsible for and personally engaged in all areas of Supply Chain, including Procurement, Production Planning, Warehouse Management, Material Management, and Demand Management. Molly’s Procurement experience includes, vendor selection, contract and price negotiations, procurement budget. In Production Planning, Molly was responsible for scheduling multi production lines with multi-phase products. In Warehouse Management she oversaw 50k sq. ft. of warehouse space with 12,500 unique commodities, batch management, temperature controlled, Receiving, Warehouse and Distribution functions.  Molly has Enterprises Resource Planning (ERP) experience including being a core team member to the SAP design, implementation, and training.